Great Books and Fractals

I took a course on great books in college, and the question of what constitutes a “great book” was visited throughout the course. In my recent study of the Bhagavad Gita, the same question has come to mind.

Business Leadership vs. Political Leadership

I’ve always maintained that my political views are rooted in the works of Ayn Rand…These roots have been shaken by the financial crisis of 2008 and the current Presidential election.

The Search for Failure

I recently read a quote attributed to Yoshida Kotaro Sensei: “There is no failure, only feedback.” On the same day, I read “Must fail to suc

Barriers to Agility

In recent days, I was asked for a requirements document under two circumstances. In one case, a client asked for a requirements document.

An English Translation of G. D. Madgulkar's Geet Ramayana

Click here to skip my introduction and download the translation.

Facebook, Google,,

Installing pg Gem on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

After upgrading to Lion, I tried installing the pg gem and kept getting the following error, even though I had installed the latest version

Fisker Karma First Experiences

Somehow, I ended up on the right mailing list, and I was invited to test-drive the Fisker Karma.

A Call for Moderation

In his interview with Lynn Near

Installing iOS 5 Beta 7

While attempting to install <a href=”

RSpec is Growing on Me

I’m a big believer in Test-Driven Development. <a href=”http://chrisbrook

VirtualBox "Session Locked"

This is on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

I discovered this morning that a couple of my VirtualBox virtual machines would not start. Double clickin

Chromium OS on VirtualBox on Mac OS X

I just got Chromium OS running on a VirtualBox on a Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.7).

Ruby is Very Concise

For a work project, we needed the locations of all US Apple Stores. I couldn’t find a list, so I decided to “scrape” Apple’s site for the ad

Determining Facebook Like Count and Twitter Tweet Count for a URL

I recently worked on a web site which let users set up a personalized web page, including a <a href=”

Taps Server Error During Heroku Database Push

I’ve been enjoying the services of Heroku recently. Heroku exemplifies cloud computing for developers,

Installing Ruby on Rails 2.3.3 and MySQL on Mac OS X 10.6

At my new job, I got a very nice new MacBook Pro 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.3) preinstalled. In order to support a

Testing Concrete Experiences

I stress to my clients that in commercializing software innovations, it is important to create concrete experiences and then test them with

Deliberate Strategy: Truth or Fiction?

The distinction between deliberate and emergent strategy has been clarified by Mintzbe

Nine Resources for Improving Your Web Site

  1. Improving the readability of content:
  2. Focusing on the customer: <

Representing Rubik's Cube

I owned a Rubik’s Cube but never learned to solve it. I can get two “layers” in plac

Sinatra Development and Production FastCGI Deployment

I recently found myself constructing (and considering the construction of) some simple web sites. I had no need for databases or authenticat

Comparison of Geocoding Services

A client needed a web application with, among other features, geocoding—given an arbitrary string specifying a location anywhere in the worl

Triangulation = Corporate Infantilism

I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Triangulation refers to a dysfunction within a team, where team member A complains about

The Open Source Ecosystem

Richard Stallman was a leading proponent of free software.

However, the concept

Zen Software Development

Software development involves following various levels of rules: rules for language syntax, rules for comprehensibility, rules for testabili