A key aspect of Web 2.0 is tagging, the ability of people to assign keywords to web resources, be they del.ici

What Motivates People?

The promise of accumulating certain things, and the threat of losing those things seems to spur people to action:

  • Money

Bhagawad-Geetaa 2.40

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Company Success

John Schiech, President of DeWalt was asked what made his company so successful. His answer: <b

Arthur C. Clarke: 16 December 1917 - 19 March 2008

I was saddened a few mornings ago to hear of the death of Arthur C. Clarke, one of my (and, indeed, the world’s) favorite science fiction au

Gas Bubble

This post (“We’re Screwed”) complained about the tough times

Quality and Value Chains

Whenever I visited India, I wondered why the average quality of locally-made consumer goods is low. (Conversely, I wondered why the quality


I have observed project managers who provide fine-grained, long-term estimates of project effort. For example, the effort estimate may be ex

Product Success

The biggest successes in business have been (or at least have been portrayed as) those individuals or companies who could deliver a product

Why I Blog

I’ve taken some ribbing for spending time composing long, thoughtful blog posts as well as e-mails.

Writing is a part of my core identity.

Form and Function: Coffee Mugs

We purchased and began using a beautiful matched set of coffee mugs. Unfortunately, while nursing coffee around the kitchen and dining area

From Sales Orientation to Market Orientation

A sales-oriented business remains focused on the next deal and the opportunity it represents. This orientation is natural for start-ups goin

Linguistic Peeves

Today for the second time, I heard some one say, “In lieu of…” instead of “In light of…”.


This is baffling to me, because it m

The Limits of Meritocracy

Recently, I have discussed the limits of meritocracy with some friends.

One question we have been considering is: How can CEOs get away wit

Recommendation Systems Retrospective

Be sure to try out Pandora. It’s essentially a music referral service, fun and easy to use, and pretty

Sexism vs. Racism

The fact that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

Another Source of Organizational Inertia

Another reason organizations fail to invest in innovations is the difficulty of forec

Making the Important Accessible

Some people think important subjects shouldn’t be made accessible to large audiences.

  • I had a roommate who said you can't understa

Child's Play

NPR had a superb article on the importance of imaginative play i

Into the Blogosphere

Considering starting to read blogs or write a blog?

Finding blogs to read:

Limits of Free Speech

Recent controversies about the teaching of creationism in public schools has made me question the limits of free speech.

Like a good scient

Software Engineering and Division of Labor

It has been said that <a href=”http://www.google.com/search?q=all+software+engineering+design+problems+are+solved+by+introducing+a+level+of+

Packaging, Price, Value and ROI

A business usually has a core product. After experiencing some success with the product, the company may come under price pressure from cust

How Pseudosciences Form

Lately I have been doing some reading that made me think about pseudoscience. It se

The Sources of Organizational Inertia

In business, we often bemoan the inertia of large organizations. We invoke metaphors like the one about the aircraft carrier that requires t