A Lesson in Motivation

An inspiring article on NPR’s Morning Edition described how a sma

Pet Humor

This came into my inbox:

How many dogs does it take change a light bulb? 1. Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is yo

Colin Powell

In a recent speech, Colin Powell (surprisingly) was critical of the current administration’s policy of cutting taxes and spending. Powell st

Is Top-Down Strategy Intelligent Design?

Previously in Transcendental Generalization, I contemplated the difference between inte

Pez MP3 Player

OK, I’m dating myself, but I do remember Pez candy and the assorted dispensers it came in. So, I thought this retromodern <a href=”http://ww

Sanskrit Proverb

सुभाषितरसास्वादः स&#23

If you think you love coffee...

here’s what Dave Barry had to say about Luwak coffee. <blockquo

Why Banks are Making Less Money 2

Previously in Transcendental Generalization, I discussed why banks have been making le

Cool Optical Illusion

From Compfused.com:

Stare at the black + in the center, the moving dot

Good Article on Trade Deficit

A nice tutorial on the trade deficit on NPR this morning.

The Keyboard Nazis

Remember the Seinfeld episode about the “Soup Nazi”?

Well, the guys who make this qual

Raw Cuisine

I first heard about raw cuisine about two and a half years ago. I read an article saying that chef Roxanne Klein, while trying to find her u

Graphic Novels are NOT "Comics"...

…because they are sometimes not very funny.

At an early age, I appreciated graphic novels as an alternative form of literature. I was an

Transaction Fees and Gas Prices

Previously in Transcendental Generalization…

One consequence of a “c

The "Intelligent Designer" Myth 2

Previously in Transcendental Generalization…

We are led to imagine an en

New Books on Security

These are going on my reading list. These were reviewed in Financial IT Security


What is "Verified by Visa"?

Quoting the Verified by Visa web site,


Marketing BS Generator

Curses! The secret to the success of us marketing types has been publicized on the internet

Eco-Friendly Transportation 2

Previously in Transcendental Generalization…

It seems that prices at th

Why Banks are Making Less Money

In a 9/28 AP article, Joe Belbruno articulated it well,

Savings and loan associations, also known as thrifts, are financial in

Design Critique of the Porsche Design Radio

The SkyMall catalog on my flight last week had the <a href=”http://www.hammacher.com/publish/72169.asp#

CNN Special on Online Security

CNN has some good articles on online security here.

The "Intelligent Designer" Myth

In last week’s interview of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breye

Lego Growth Opportunities

Although Legoland was a lot of fun, I

Eco-Friendly Transportation

During the past year, I have observed a sudden increase in the number of people using motorcycles and scooters. While on a trip to southern