The Worst Job Ever

Warning: contains foul language. A hilarious short clip on <a href=”

Jump the Shark

Any one who watches (or used to watch) TV should check out this site. It’s all about that


Book Review: Civilization and its Discontents

Civilization and its Discontents is weighty and a bit out-of-date, but not terribly long. It is well worth reading.

This book by S

Eco-Friendly Transportation 3

NPR has a nice article on Honda’s prototype <a href=”http://world.hond

Blog is Back Up

My apologies to any one who tried accessing this blog today. I installed <a href=”

Book Review: Interpreter of Maladies

I enjoyed this Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Product Development: Hope vs. Reality

I recently read Clayton M. Christensen’s <a href=”

The Gigapxl Project

A friend referred me to this <a href=”

How Terrorists Afford Fundamentalism

I’ve been watching <a href=”

Book Review: Midnight's Children

I read <a href=”

"Rip-Mix-Burn" is Nothing New

Lawrence Lessig is a Stanford Law School professor who ar

Black Friday Sentiments

I like the idea discussed in this segment on NPR’s Morning Edition:</

Two Sides of Discrimination

The word discriminate has a dual nature. It can have a positive connotation, as when we speak of a <a href=”http://dictionary.refer

Buy iPods From a Vending Machine

While passing through the Atlanta airport, I saw a Zoom Systems vending machine selling, among oth

Literal Interpretation of the Bible

Bryan Collinsworth made an eloquent request for people to get beyond literal interpretation of the Bible in <a href=”

Kansas State Board of Education wins Ig Nobel Prize

Previously in Transcendental Generalization…

[In Kansas

Thomas Paine and Intelligent Design

A nice article from AlterNet on the relationship between Thomas Paine’s essay, The Ag

Online Philosophy Encyclopediae

I have found the following to be useful for investigation and study:

Bhagawad-Geetaa 2.47

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन
मा कर्à¤

Why Get Married?

The character of Beverly Clark, played by Susan Sarandon in <a href=”

Intelligent Design: Recent Developments

Madeleine Brand interviewed Ira Flatow yesterday regarding both a

Bhagawad-Geeta 2.62-2.63

Biography of Abraham Lincoln

Interesting interview by Linda Wertheimer of Doris Kearns Goodwin

Change Management and Simulated Annealing

At work, a number of us were recently trained on a new CRM (customer relationship management) system. This got me thinking about the managem

Jimmy Carter's New Book

This one will go on my reading list. Steve Inskeep and Terry Gross in