I recently conducted a brainstorming session at work. Properly used, this is a powe

Institutionalize Rules Intentionally, One at a Time

An essay on business leadership

Employees frequently ask their managers for

  • objectives, so that our ac

Trade a Paper Clip for a House!

Previously in Transcendental Generalization:

Starting wit

Buffett Family Inspires

This interview of Nicole Buffett by Jennifer Ludden has to have b

Did I call it or what?

Oil prices seem to have fallen by about $2.00 since I published my <

US India Political Action Committee

Michele Keleman of NPR had a very interesting article on the <a

Book Review: Family Matters

This book by Rohinton Mistry touches three generations of a family struggling against powerful psychosocial forces. Nariman Vakeel and his c

An Oil Bubble?

From a Wall Street Journal cover story, Tuesday, April 18, 2006:

...Investment flows into oil futures are

Technology Enabled Clothing

I recently noticed wires snaking through a friend’s jacket. Turns out he was wearing Technology Enabled

Trade a Paper Clip for a House?

I don’t know if this is a profound statement about philanthropy or capitalism or maybe just one of those weird things that happens. <a href=

Keyboard or Game Controller?

This article arrived in my inbox. As one wi

You Too Can Read the Tax Code!

Call me a masochist, but I’ve always done my own taxes and frequently refer to the instructions. I used to ignore the references to “Regulat

The New Sony Walkman

Business Week (registration required) revie

Network Storage Devices for the Home

Business Week (registration required) had a

Memory Foam Mattress Pads

The Wall Street Journal (on p. W14 of Friday, March 24) reviewed memory foam mattress pads, a cheaper alternative to complete mattresses. <

Internet Radio

The Wall Street Journal (p. D5 on March 22) had an interesting review of the <a href=”

Genetically Engineering a Dragon

The Economist played a nice April Fool’s joke with this article

Your Money or Your Life

Our managed healthcare system frequently irritates me. It seems complex, expensive, bureaucratic, and prone to mistakes. Insurance companies

Rise and Fall of a Pseudoscience

This comprehensive and timely article by Alix Spiegel describes t

Greenspan --> Bernanke

Ev Erlich of NPR had elquent commentary on the transition of US e

Vast Wealth in One Easy Lesson

A nice arti

Must-See Video

This arrived in my inbox today. Whether you call Chris Bl

Blue Ocean Strategy

This book, by the authors of Creating New Market Space (Harvard Business Review, January-February 1999, pp. 83-93) starts like many

An Accursed Travel Mug

The mug shown below looks pretty nice. Here are some reasons why I purchased it:<ul> <li>Insulated to keep coffee hot</li> <li>20 oz. siz

3-D Pavement Art

This came into my inbox. Julian Beever is a pavement artist who creates impressive 3-D effects. Here is a sample of his work. More can be se