An Accursed Travel Mug

The mug shown below looks pretty nice. Here are some reasons why I purchased it:

  • Insulated to keep coffee hot
  • 20 oz. size to hold a large amount of coffee
  • Rubber mesh wrapping for improved grip
  • Sipping hole in lid, and a valve to close it
  • Attractive shape and color
  • Low price

Like most travel mugs, this one has an additional small hole in the lid (marked with an arrow). This lets air in while you are sipping.

Picture of Mug

Now here is what actually happened when I tried to use it:

  1. It came with a folder of instructions. Now why would a person need instructions for using a coffee mug? Anyway, among the instructions was that you should not put this mug in a dishwasher. I suspect it is insulated with styrofoam which doesn't do well in the dishwasher environment. Manufacturers, please stop making food containers that can't be put in the dishwasher! It will have to add a lot of value to my life before I accept the hassle of hand washing it! In this case, I decided to ignore this instruction when it came time to wash it.
  2. For my first use, I filled the mug with hot coffee, pressed the lid on, and closed the sipping hole. I put the mug in my car's cup holder and and drove off. While I was taking my first turn, the mug jumped out of the cup holder onto the passenger seat! Coffee dribbled out of the air hole and onto the seat. You see, the shape of the mug makes it top-heavy (marked with an arrow) especially when filled with beverage!
  3. I was now forced to hold the mug in the cup holder while taking turns. While doing this, I noticed that the lid had come off, so I pressed it back on. After a while it would come loose again! Finally, I realized that the inner surface of the mug widens near the opening (marked with an arrow). So when you push the lid on, it tends to get pushed off again!
  4. I finally got around to drinking some piping hot coffee. I slowly lifted the mug to sip a tiny amount. For a while, nothing happened. Then a large amount of coffee splashed into my mouth! This kept happening. While at a stop sign, I tipped the mug slowly, and a bit of coffee came out of the sipping hole. But when I would try to drink the coffee, it would suddenly splash into my mouth! It was only after I got to my destination that I realized the problem. The air hole is too far from the edge (marked with an arrow). When I would try to sip coffee, my nose was blocking the air hole! So instead of a bit of coffee coming out smoothly, it would splash out! With my other travel mug, the air hole is close to the edge, so my nose wouldn't block it.

This mug is going to be returned. Please, no funny comments about my nose!

Tags: Design, Humor

Created at: 19 March 2006 12:03 AM