Literal Interpretation of the Bible

Bryan Collinsworth made an eloquent request for people to get beyond literal interpretation of the Bible in this article on AlterNet. I would take a similar position against literal interpretation of any scripture of any religion.

If we insist on approaching the tale of Adam and Eve as literal truth, we come out of the story with little more than frustration that our ancestors could be so stupid as to condemn all humanity by trusting a talking snake. But if we let go of this literalist fixation and dig to the moral and spiritual heart of the story, we confront a fundamental tenet of Christianity: that the Garden of Eden drama is played out every day, by our neighbors and ourselves; that we are not just condemned by the temptation and sin of our predecessors but by humanity's perpetual weakness in choosing evil over good; that we have all made choices to eat forbidden fruit for which we desperately want and need redemption.

Tags: Philosophy, Religion

Created at: 22 November 2005 12:11 AM