घेई छंद मकरंद --- Translation and Commentary

I heard this song while growing up, and it remained in my memory simply because it mentions my name.

The recently-released Marathi motion picture Katyar Kaljat Ghusali featured this song prominently.

The brief lyrics are by Purushottam Darvhekar.


घेई छंद मकरंद, प्रिय हा मिलिंद

मधुसेवनानंद स्वच्छंद, हा धुंद

मिटता कमलदल होई बंदी हा भृंग;

परि सोडिना ध्यास, गुंजनात दंग

Takes fervently floral nectar, this dear honeybee,

Joy of ingesting honey headstrong, this buzz.

As lotus petals close, this bee becomes captive.

Yet won’t release focus, engrossed in buzzing.


  • The translation cannot preserve the alliteration, so check out the recordings to hear it.
  • “Milind” means honeybee, but its historical attribution to Krishna implies both romance and yearning for spiritual enlightenment
  • The Marathi word “सेवन” and the English word “savor” likely have a common linguistic ancestor.
  • “धुंद” in Marathi means the drone of a musical instrument, but also intoxication.
  • “Buzz” in English means the sound made by a bee, but also intoxication.
  • Drone is a classification of bees.
  • The poem seems to celebrate unwavering focus in joyful work, illustrated by the honeybee.


  • Here is a recording of the song as I recall hearing it:
  • Here are two renditions of the song from the movie:
  • Click here for a rendition of the song by Rahul Deshpande, accompanied by Zakir Hussain, coincidentally on my 2015 birthday.


Created at: 13 December 2015 4:12 PM