You're More than You Think

At times, reasoning tells you that something is impossible, and experience reinforces this conclusion. Intuition, gut feeling, and burning desire may motivate you to persist. Ultimately, however, openness to possibilities is what lets you see the flaw in your logic, the false conclusions you are jumping to, your premature judgements.

This openness to possibilities is precisely what is cultivated by mindfulness, by meditation, by emptying the mind, by listening to silence with attention, and by prayer. As Episcopal prient Samuel M. Shoemaker said, “Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.” And it does so by opening your mind to possibilities.

These practices, therefore, may help you to do what everyone, including you yourself, thought impossible. Really, you are only doing what was improbable within our world, which is quite a small, insignificant world in the grand scheme of things. You are exceeding limitations that, in reality, were self-imposed. Indeed, it is precisely because reasoning told you something was impossible that experience reinforced this conclusion.


Created at: 27 September 2015 3:09 PM