Entrepreneurship Part I: What If You Are Laid Off?

In November of last year, the company I was working for laid off 15% of its workforce. Although I was not affected at that time, I started thinking seriously about what I would do if the same thing happened to me. (Good thing, as I would find out later!) I had to at least admit the possibility that working for some one else was not the best thing for me. My conclusion was that in addition to looking for a new job, I would pursue an entrepreneurial venture.

I imagine lots of people out there are thinking seriously about what they would do if they were laid off. And many of them have come to the same conclusion.

The next few posts will discuss where this conclusion has led me. If you have strong feelings about this topic (positive or negative) please post a comment below, or e-mail me.

Tags: Business

Created at: 10 February 2009 11:02 AM