Knowledge Extolled

विद्या नाम नरस्य रूपमधिकम प्रच्हन्न गुप्तं धनं

विद्या भोगकरी यश: सुखकारी विद्या गुरूणाम गुरु:

विद्या बन्धुजनो विदेशगमने विद्य परा दैवता

विद्या राजसु पूज्यते नहि धनं विद्या विहीन: पशु:  


A person’s primary form is called “knowledge.”

A deeply hidden, secret treasure.

Knowledge generates pleasure, success, generates contentment.

Knowledge is the guru of gurus.

Knowledge is kin, [your] having gone to a foreign country.

Knowledge is the supreme deity.

Knowledge is what kings worship, not wealth.

[One] without knowledge is a beast.

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Created at: 21 July 2008 12:07 AM